Start save money and bring revenue

We at Softer Cloud are knowing that choosing a colocation provider is a strategic business decision that typically involves a multi-year partnership. Built with scalability in mind, our data center offers a high-density power, concurrently maintainable architecture and robust high bandwidth and BGP connectivity options, offering you a flexible deployment configurations. With our customer service provided by trained engineers and a 100% uptime service level agreement, we go above and beyond by proactively monitoring your network and assisting with every technical issue not just the most critical ones.

Softer Cloud Colocation Service is ideal for enterprises that need to maintain flexibility, reduce risk and stabilize capital and operating expenses. That's why 64% of organizations engage in some form of data center colocation services, according to Focus Research Group.

Softer Cloud colocation services in RomaniaAll of a sudden, doing it all yourself doesn't make much sense. Constantly purchasing, deploying, scaling and managing the physical devices, the network and the own data center by yourself become things of the past. So put down the hardware. Get out of the data center. And start working smarter by freeing up your talent and money for activities that drive revenue and start save your money.

What You Get with SOFTeR Managed Colocation

- Your SOFTeR Support Team, Including a Network Architect and Deployment Engineer
- Half (21u) or Full (42u) cabinet at SOFTeR data center for customer provided equipment
- Various bandwidth and power options
- Growth Planning of Your Architecture
- No CAPEX to build out data center-reduced OPEX for power, cooling and bandwidth
- 24x7x365 Data Center and Account Management Support
- Tools to Remotely Manage Your Environment
- Highly Secure and Redundant Data Centers and Network
- Upgrade bandwidth and space faster than onsite implementations
- Fire detection, onsite generator, redundant and diverse paths to the Internet
- Services located at the center of the customer network - avoids dependence on access at headquarters location for critical applications

Why Colocate? According to Info-Tech Research Group, 64% of organizations engage in some form of data center colocation services. In addition, Gartner has observed more and more enterprises enlisting colocation services, and the research firm has identified several reasons behind this trend.
1.Because organizations are more geographically distributed, they don't necessarily have an optimal central location in which to locate a data center and Web systems.
2.Traditional office buildings don't always meet the cooling, power and weight requirements to house dense and heavy hardware, and retrofitting them is too expensive. Also, these buildings rarely allow for the lockdown security measures that companies want for their server rooms.
3.Colocation gives companies that are consolidating or outgrowing their internal data centers a cost-effective alternative to building new facilities.
4.Remote "lights-out" management technology makes administering remote systems easier, allowing IT staffers to even reboot servers remotely.