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The Best Thin Client Solution

SOFTeR CLOUD offers various thin client solution based on Igel wether you are a small or large enetrprise

Igel product strategy

IGEL provides the right solution for any environment, whether you’re looking for zero clients that enable optimized access to VDI, migration software for end-point standardization, or highly flexible thin clients with multi-protocol capability for access to different central IT infrastructures and cloud services.

Future proof - high performance

With decades of experience and targeted specializationin the thin client field, we are able to provide you withsecure, cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions. We offer a product portfolio characterized by powerful,energy-savinghardware, stable firmware and supplementary, value-added software. A long product and service life is standard for IGEL products.

Igel Universal Management

One of IGEL’s product offerings very clearly illustrates the dedication to delivering real value to customers: the Universal Management Suite (UMS), the powerful, industry-leading client management platform, enables you to easilyand efficiently manage all IGEL zero clients, Universal Desktops, and any PC’s you have converted using our Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) software. The UMS ships with your thin client or UDC licenseĀ at no extra cost.

Leading Server Environments

IGEL Thin and Zero Client Software and Hardware integrates itself easily in nearly all IT environments. The flexible universal access to cloud hosted and server based infrastructures offer future proof . Additionally IGEL solutions support a huge number of peripheral devices and advanced security solutions. Learn more about the broad spectrum of supported technologies and our technology partners.

Application development using cloud-based resources, is typically a change for the good. For instance, the results of the Evans Data Cloud Development Survey, conducted in December of 2012, found that cloud platforms reduce overall development time by an average of 11.6%. The trend is actually getting better. Most enterprises I speak with, who chose to migrate specific applications to the cloud, are happy with the results. 

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Why Choose Igel

IGEL: the leader in Thin Clients

Thin Client Hardware: Versatile & Ependable

Safeguarded, Future-Proof Investment

Thin Client Software: Universal & Stable

Best price/performation ratio

Softer Cloud offers tailored solutions for small and medium enterprisez

- IGEL is the largest independent thin client manufacturer in the world;
- IGEL's sole focus is thin and zero clients, with its own R&D department and its own assembly plant;
- IGEL products are sold to more than 15,000 customers in over 50 countries by over 1,000 certified Authorized IGEL Partners (AIPs) and 3,000 resellers;
- IGEL partners with industry leaders like Citrix, VMware,
Microsoft and Red Hat to ensure the most up-to-date technology and trustworthy security;
- IGEL offers high product availability with production capacity of over 50,000 devices per month and devices that are shipped out within 48 hours of ordering;

Run a tight, seamless IT system all from one location

Data and applications now only need to be centrally located and managed on the server. This centralization eliminates the often extensive maintenance of software on individual desktop workstations. You will save time, money and headaches and be able to concentrate on using your IT for its true purpose - supporting strategic business tasks.

Softer cloud offers dedicated hardware to meet every needs for your oraganization

Put a stop to annoying and dangerous computer viruses and malware. With thin clients, viruses, worms and trojans can't infect your desktops because they have read-only operating systems. Instead of having to protect each and every client in your network, you only have to safeguard the central server. You will be able to positively close any security gaps.

IGEL Universal Desktops are considerably more secure than PCs but also more than other thin clients on the market. No other manufacturer offers more comprehensive security in terms of both hardware and software. IGEL Universal Desktop thin clients allow you to effectively protect your data and data transmissions. At the same time, your users will enjoy a reliable, flexible and easy-to-use work environment.