Biometric Marker

Biometric Time and Attendance Time Clock

Marker - Terminal for data collection

Marker is a programmable terminal suitable for time and attendance, access control and production management. Derived from decades of experience of its predecessors stands out for its reliability and performance that lead him to the top of the class.

The graphical icons on the display and pull-down menus replace the old function keys making it intuitive and easy to use even by people with little experience. Three serial communication ports and an EtherNet allow for the integration of the terminal with any type of use. The Ethernet interface, the FTP function and the ability to write custom procedures with TDBasic make that Marker is truly an object to move with the times.

During the design special attention has been given to the mechanical construction: all components are placed on a single board; This means high reliability, robustness, and there are no problems during the installation and technical support.